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What is sex coaching?

Sex Coaching is the integration of Sexology (the scientific study of human sexuality) and the methodology of Life Coaching. The aim of Sex Coaching is to teach practical emotional and erotic skills to overcome your present challenges, as well as develop the resilience and resourcefulness to tackle sexual concerns that crop up in the future.

I’m Hillary Berry, Certified Sex Coachâ„¢

I work with individuals and couples of all gender identities, sexual orientations, and relationship structures.


As a Sex Coach, I work with clients to

  • Normalize sexual feelings and interests
  • Reawaken libido and desire for sexual connection
  • Develop body confidence
  • Become comfortable and confident talking about sexual desire
  • Spark creativity and a sense of play in the bedroom
  • Become empowered engaging in safer sex discussions with new partners
  • Heal sexual shame, guilt, insecurities, and trauma

Sex Coaching is a holistic, goal-oriented alternative to sex therapy. Sex Coaching does not focus on deep emotional processing, but rather focuses on how to help you start having the best sex of your life– right away!

If you need help to learn more about your own sexuality, or if you feel like your relationship is pretty good but you have a sexual concern that is keeping you from connecting as deeply as you desire, Sex Coaching may be the right path for you.

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Coaching from Hillary did not meet my expectations – RATHER HER COACHING SUBSTANTIALLY EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS! My spouse is not here but I am sure would fully agree. She is very wise and gifted in this service. Seems more candid and genuine than other regular professional counselors I have seen (social workers, psychologists, counselors, etc.). And you know what? After just four sessions there is already noticeable improvement in our intimate lives, individually and in my hope for continued growth. I could say more, but maybe another time. I share this with no other motive other than to be helpful to those like me.
Hillary has taught me so much about my vagina through her posts and conversations within her Facebook group, and through her informative articles. Dramatically more than any medical doctor I’ve seen thus far has bothered to, even. She is very knowledgeable of her field and a wonderfully compassionate listener.
Hillary really knows her stuff. When I first met her I had an idea of what I wanted to know and work on. She was able to provide me with lot of resources as well as help me understand a lot about myself.

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