Individual Coaching



  • Prioritize your sexuality and pleasure
  • Reconnect to your creative life force
  • Reawaken your libido and desire for sexual connection
  • Ditch sexual inhibitions and insecurity
  • Learn how to get out of your head and into your body with mindfulness
  • Say no to painful sex and find out how to have sex in a way that is pleasurable
  • Learn how to have the orgasms you want
  • Develop body confidence
  • Release sexual shame and trauma
  • Date with confidence
  • Enhance your sexual communication skills

Couples Coaching


  • Bring creativity and play back into the bedroom (or elsewhere!)
  • Reawaken desire in a sexless relationship
  • Break out of communication patterns that are keeping you from connecting
  • Overcome aversion to touch by learning about the touch continuum
  • Learn how to bridge sexual differences (more sex/less sex, non-kinky/kinky, mono/poly, sacred/scientific)
  • Improve sexual communication and negotiation skills
  • Learn new erotic skills to better please your lover
  • Overcome sexual challenges like early ejaculation and sexual pain together
  • Explore kinky sex

Upcoming events


  • The 4 Realms of Touch (link)
    • This is a workshop for couples based on the theoretical framework of Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent. It will be Wednesday October 17th, 7-9 at Uptown Arts Bar, $30 per couple.
  • Below the Navel: A Vulva Painting Experience (link)
    • This class is open to anyone with a vulva, including trans men and nonbinary folk (this means that class will not be open to cisgender men).
    • We will gather to contemplate (below) our navels as we paint portraits of our vulvas in a guided painting lesson with artist Tay Alexandria Stark (they/them) and discussion facilitated by sometimes artist and Certified Sex Coach Hillary Berry (she/her). 

Individual Coaching

$80 for 1 hour

$280 for 4 sessions

($40 dollars saved!)


Other Services


  • Workshops
  • Speaking engagements
  • Education for clinicians on sexuality, identifying and serving sexual minorities, and making your practice more inclusive of LGBTQIA+, non-monogamous, and kinky folk.

Couples Coaching

$100 for 1 hour

$350 for 4 sessions 

($50 dollars saved!) 

LGBTQIA+, kink, and non-monogamy friendly!


Coaching includes a pre-session intake, the coaching session, and a post-session recap email with resources. 


A note on pricing:

Many people do not see the value in what sexuality professionals do and think that seeking help around sex is a luxury, or is a frivolous way to spend money. I disagree. Seeking help with your sexuality or with bridging a sexual divide in your relationship can mean a world of difference–the difference between stifling your self and living your most authentic life, or between staying together or splitting. Your sexual and relational well-being are worth the investment.

That being said, it’s important to me that those who need my services have access to them. If you cannot pay my full fee, please let me know your circumstances and what price you can afford to pay. I take a certain number of sliding-scale clients a month. I rely on an honor system.

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